Thursday, April 17, 2008

A Little Bit of Mary Kay....

Yesterday we had a group of ladies from California come and lead our Wednesday bible study as well as cook a fabulous meal. They also brought Mary Kay products to give to the ladies. Yet another way God allows us to share with them that they are special and LOVED.

Boxes, boxes and more boxes.....
We also have been giving out more of the Feed the Children boxes this week. Already we have given out over 267 boxes to people in the community! And this is just people coming to the door throughout the day... So needless to say, the need is still great here in New Orleans!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Spa Day

Last Saturday we had a Spa Day...and it was amazing! We had about 50 people here--mostly women and girls. We served them food and just spent the day treating them to a spa. We soaked and massaged their feet, pedicures, manicures, did facials, paraffin wax and a make-over (with our resident Clinique advisor).

Everyone enjoyed it so much and wanted us to do another one soon! We came up with the idea b/c we received hundreds of donations of spa items (nail polish, emery boards, lotion, etc.) from Christmas in August and we knew God had a plan for it all. We wanted a day for them to feel special and loved.

I think they felt that--many said to me that they were so used to taking care of other people that it was nice to be taken care of for once. I shared with them Psalm 139 and told them how they were beautiful, worth living their dreams and LOVED...and told them how much God loves them.

We have such a wonderful atmosphere at Baptist Friendship House--and we know its completely b/c of Him, but I know that many women see that when they come--they see Jesus. Today a lady from Spa Day came back to take a computer class and I said to her,

"Hey, you came back!"

She said, "Yes, it (meaning Friendship House) got to me. I had to come back."

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Baptist Friendship House's Blog

Hi, everyone! We have decided to create a Blog for you to keep updated on what is happening here at Baptist Friendship House. We want you to follow along with us on our journey so you can pray for us and be a part of this exciting ministry. God has blessed us!

So share this blog with your family, friends, church, etc. We will still have our website where we will keep updated on our events and Needs List. But this is just a more personal way to keep in touch with us.


Please be patient as I work to get this up and may take me a while. :) I am open to suggestions and some CREATIVE help (Anyone technically gifted that can create a cool banner for this blog??).

We love you all!!