Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Family Room

The "family room" of any home should be a place of love, acceptance, and celebration. Ours in no different. We have a refrigerator in our cafe, which acts like a dinning/living room. One of our kids brought home her artwork from school. She went to every person showing them her master piece - much like any kid would do when they came home to a large family. She is five and so much fun. She was so proud of her artwork and so was her Friendship House family. She asked if she could put it on the refrigerator. Of course we said yes. It got me thinking about how much like a big family we come to be at Friendship House. The kids and their moms (and some staff members) call it home.

Like any home should, it is full of celebrations and laughter.  We celebrated birthdays of staff, kids, and a graduation for a GED student that got her diploma. One of the kids shared a birthday with a staff member. She was so excited when she walked in she found that staff member and helped her count down the days until the actual birthday. She enjoyed having someone to share it with.

We also welcomed our girls from the summer to enjoy a day of fun. We love this time with them. They get to experience a day that was designed just for them to relax and have fun with friends. We appreciated having a special guest, Kimberly, from the Louisiana State WMU office to come and share about Acteens with our girls. We, basically, already do Acteens with our girls with service projects, Bible Study, etc. Now we will be able introduce them to the opportunities that Acteens have to offer.

Below are a few pictures from the month of January. Thank you for taking the time to pray with and for our families.