Thursday, May 29, 2008

Another Graduate

Meet Bernadette. She graduated from high school this month. She came to Friendship House wanting to work toward her GED. She had attended school before Hurricane Katrina and then took the required tests for graduation but somehow got lost in the system. She called the school board requesting her scores but they never would give it to her . She figured she didn't pass and gave up on trying to get her test scores.

Until 2 years later she came to Friendship House and met Michelle. Michelle is our US/C-2 missionary that has her MSW degree and is working toward her license. She started working with Bernadette to prepare for the GED test until she found out the whole story. Michelle called the school board and found out what Bernadette had been waiting for 2 years to know... she had passed the test! She was technically a high school graduate!

All it took was a phone call from our social worker to find out that Bernadette had passed her test. She had to wait two years to find out, but she did not let that stop her. She was so excited and immediately worked toward participating in this year's graduation at her high school.

Bernadette has so many plans for her life. She is working toward attending college in the Fall and has a goal of being a nurse. Please pray for her as she takes these new steps in her life.

We are so lucky here at Friendship House. We have the honor of being a part of the small and big things in people's lives. All it took was a phone call--taking the time to help someone, however small it may seem, can change people's lives.

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