Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Health Fair

Every Spring we have a Health Fair at Baptist Friendship House. This is a time we provide basic health care services for the community. Alabama WMU Nursing Fellowship, along with LSU Nursing students and LSU Nurses Christian Fellowship, helped us by providing various services: vision, hearing, glucose, BMI, blood pressure, HIV & TB information, dental, hygiene, nutrition and childcare information. We also had volunteers that provided hair cuts and foot care.

Several people attended the heath fair and received services they don't normally receive. One man was thrilled to have been given glasses. He put them on and exclaimed, "I can see!" He was so proud and made sure to show everyone the glasses.

A few ladies washed and cared for the feet of the participants. Many of them had blisters and sores and the women wrapped the feet up with bandages. They were given new socks and shoes.

One lady volunteered to cut the participants hair. One older man walked in with long shabby hair and beard. The volunteer shaved his beard and cut his hair. He walked out beaming. All those that had their hair cut left smiling and expressed their gratitude for this service.

Can you imagine the luxuries and the things we take for granted--such as shoes that fit, having a hair cut, a shaved beard, and clean socks changing the outlook of one's life? The simple fact that these volunteers were being Jesus to those that came their way. What example to follow!!

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