Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Special Gift

I've been holding on to this. Below is a brief essay one of our kids wrote in February for school. The question was: "Have you been given a gift before." His initial response was: "Homeless people around my house was." Read below to see his thoughts. It touched our hearts.

"I gave a gift to a homeless person that didn't have clothes to put on. I gave them some clothes and a hygiene kit to take a shower, be nice and clean. Then when when they get out of the shower, I gave them a snack pack to eat. We let them watch t.v. We played video games with them. They had so much fun. 
They felt special, loved, helped and cared for."

[A.T.-9years old]

Through the eyes of a child. We don't typically play video games or watch t.v. with everyone who comes in, but our families who call Friendship House home, do.

A.T. is a hardworking, sweet young man who loves to play with all the younger kids. He is like their big brother. This is home. He feels at home which is our hope and prayer for everyone who comes through the doors. We pray that they feel "special, loved and cared for."


Myrtice said...

You are all special family to those who come through the doors of Baptist friendship house. I've seen you at work.

Chelley said...

Thank you for those sweet word Ms. Myrtice. We become family as we minister to each other and in our community.