Monday, July 7, 2014

Mid-Summer Fun

Volunteers grilling it up for our June event

 One of our Up2HOPE girls enjoying crafts
 Just wanted to share with you a few pictures from our June event and how the the summer is going with our girls from Up2HOPE.

We had a great time with volunteers grilling hot dogs and hamburgers June 14 for our community day.
Chilling with our community during our June event
We also celebrated the life of Ike. He passed away late May. He was dearly loved by many in our community. Some of his friends shared fond memories during the memorial we had for him. Many have said thank you for providing a place to remember a dear friend and that it was a great service. Please pray for his friends and family.

Having fun with the parachute
Up2HOPE started week 6 of 7 today. The girls have learned about the different cities our summer missionaries are from and tasted food from their home states too! We have had blast helping the girls discover new things about themselves and the plan God has for each of them. Please continue to pray for our summer missionaries as they prepare to finish the last 2 weeks of camp and head home for school. Pray our girls will remember the lessons they have been taught as they too prepare to go back to school.

We also celebrated a milestone for one sweet lady. Ms. Ann started coming to us late last year. She first came in and sat quietly as others searched through clothing and took showers. We would ask if she needed anything. She would just quietly shake her head no. We learned that she was staying with her dad in house not too far from the center. A few weeks would pass and she would occasionally get up and look for a shirt that might fit her. She eventually asked if she could volunteer. We said sure, when she came in during clothing we could use her help to keep the clothing area straight. In the past several months, she has formed relationships with not only the staff, but also people that come in for clothing. She also helps us put together snack packs and hand them out on Wednesday mornings. When many speak of her, the only word that follows her name is "sweet." She started riding with another local volunteer so she doesn't have to walk or catch the bus as often. She also has been attending our Bible study on Thursday mornings. Recently, during Bible Study, she accepted Christ as her Lord and Savior. All of the staff, volunteers, and ladies in the Bible Study with her rejoiced. She is eager to learn more. We have been able to give her some easy-to-read devotionals for her to continue to grow. Please pray for our sweet Ann as she begins her journey with Christ.

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