Thursday, May 1, 2008

We Love Mavis Beacon!

Here are a few of our ladies in a computer class....with good 'ole Mavis Beacon! Mavis Beacon is a typing program where it teaches them to type. They can work at their own level and play fun games.

Where was Mavis when I was learning to type in school? Actually where was the computer? I learned on an actual typewriter. Yes I said TYPEWRITER. Do those still exist? Remember those white out strips where you had to put on the paper and hit Backspace to correct a mistake?

Kay tells a story of a lady that was taking a computer class here at the center. She was typing on the computer and she made a mistake. She asked how she was going to use the correction strips on the computer screen. She couldn't understand that all she had to do was hit Backspace. It amazed her!

Many of the women that come to the computer class have never touched a computer and when we mention a "mouse" they look at us funny. So we start teaching them how to use the mouse and how to type. Then we teach them different programs, such as Word and Excel.

But we are thankful for good ole Mavis! She makes it easy and FUN to learn to type. And this is a great way for us to teach women new skills for employment or to just to learn something new.


Sarah said...

Guess I'm a youngin' because we used Mavis Beacon in my typing class in middle school...the games were always fun!

Sandie said...

I used Mavis to teach my son to type in our homeschool. Great program! I enjoyed it myself and I have been typing for many years. I remember another one called Mario Teaches Typing, geared toward the younger students.